How to Crop Pan-n-Zoom videos in Filmora Video Editor

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Filmora is very popular video editing software between non-professionals. This software allows us to trim, rotate and manipulate our videos within no time. If you are Filmora regular user and do not know how to delete extra parts from video by using this software. Then you do not need to worry about this because we will tell you how to Crop Pan-n-Zoom videos in Filmora.

Sometimes we edit our videos and want to zoom our videos by using Filmora video editor. Zooming is our daily base work even we are using Premiere Pro or Photoshop we perform this task many times while editing our project. The zoom tool is very useful while editing small parts or to interact with our users. The crop tool is also very popular to delete extra parts from the video. So without wasting your time let tell you how to perform these tasks easily by using Filmora Video Editor.

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How to Crop Pan-n-Zoom videos in Filmora

Topic 1: How to Crop Videos in Filmora

To crop a video in Filmora first of all import your media files into the timeline. After this drag & drop it into the editing zone. Then select the file and click on the Crop tool.

Click on Crop tool to crop a video
Click on Crop tool to crop a video

When you will click on crop tool then a prompt will appear on the screen. Then under the screens, you will see an option called Constrain. Constrain tell us that in which format you want to crop your video.

These options are just shortcutting you can also do custom cropping by selecting the custom tool. Just crop your video and select the OK button. You can also reset your cropping by pressing the Reset button.

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Crop tool Usage
Crop tool Usage

Topic 2: How to Pan-n-Zoom videos in Filmora

Pan-n-Zoom is very popular zooming toll while video editing. It zooms a specific part by dragging a video in a beautiful way. This is mostly used in tutorials and to pointing a specific part.

Filmora do this in a different way from other software. If you want to use this tool then drag the arrows from where you want to start zooming tool and drag it at the endpoint. Now check the video by pressing the play button. Now an arrow will start and tell you how this will move?

Pan & Zoom Tool Usage
Pan & Zoom Tool Usage

When you will do this task complete successfully then try to export the video. Also, try to blur your videos. If you do not know how to shorten your lengthy videos then trim them by reading this article.

If you are new to Filmora and do not know about its interface then we have complete information on it. We have a great opportunity for our visitors that you can get discount here from our links.



So in the end, we try our best to cover all those things which help you to edit your video in filmora. If this tutorial helps you then tell us in the Comments box. If you like this tutorial then SUBSCRIBE Our YouTube Channel for the latest updates. You can also Like Our Facebook Page and Follow Us On Twitter too.

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