How to Blur your faces in Filmora9

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If you want to hide your personal info like Birthday, Family member and what so ever any other thing while editing video in Filmora9. Then it is very difficult to do? no problem Filmora9 give us this opportunity. In this article, we will tell you in the step by step that How to Blur or Pixelate Faces in Filmora9.

Filmora9 is very popular video editing software among non-professionals. It allows the user to create and manipulate their videos within no time. Some of us create videos and want to keep their personal info hide from bad persons. Therefore, they search on Google and Bing etc that How to Blur videos in Filmora9 or Filmora9 Blurring tools. They take a lot of time and find no relevant information. Now you do not need to worry about this problem because we will explain to you in detail how you can blur your personal information bu using filmora video editor.

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How to Blur or Pixelate Faces in Filmora9

To Blur faces, objects and personal information in Filmora you need to drag and drop your video in the timeline. and then click on the Effects tools to start the blur faces.

Import Your videos into the Timeline
Import Your videos into the Timeline

When you click on the power tool then a prompt will appear. Here you will find different options

  • Face-Off
  • Mosaic
  • Tilt-Shift
  • Image mask
  • Crop

Ok, let’s try to understand these options what does mean.


Face Off is a very useful blur type which automatically detects your face and blurs it. For this, you have to select any face which filmora provides you in Faceoff section.

To add this blur simple click on its option and then select Apply Face Off to the clip. Then it will automatically add detect your face and add an overlay of an image to the face

Face-off Blur Applied
Face-off Blur Applied


Mosaic is a very popular blurring tool which enables us to hide our personal information from different parts of the video. We can hide our Email, BD and many other object bu using this blurring tool.

To add this blur simple click on its option and then select Apply Mosaic to the clip. Then it will automatically add this blur to your video. Now resize, reduce and increase its opacity according to your condition.

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Tilt-Shift is a type of blurring tool in which we can blur our videos in vertical from both ends left and right. This is useful in showing data in the middle of the screen and to hide the logo of any brand.

To add this blur simple click on its option and then select Apply Tilt-Shift to the clip. Then it will automatically add this blur to your video. Now resize it according to your condition.

By using these options you can easily hide your personal information in filmora9. If you’re new to filmora9 then take a look at its overview and if you are facing problems while exporting video then fast them by using this trick. We can also Trim, Rotate and speed up/slow of the video in Filmora9.

If you want to get Filmora9 discount then head to this article. Read the instructions and follow them step by step.


So in the end, we try our best to cover all those things which help you to hide your personal detail in filmora9. If this tutorial helps you then tell us in the Comments box. If you like this tutorial then SUBSCRIBE Our YouTube Channel for the latest updates. You can also Like Our Facebook Page and Follow Us On Twitter too.

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