How to recover deleted files with Recuva Software

Recuva Data Recover

Sometimes, we accidentally delete our files permanently or temporary, we worry when we need it. Now you do not need to worry we will tell you that How to recover deleted files from PC with Recuva.

Deleting a file is our daily base work. Sometimes, we’ve no idea and we delete our personal files from PC accidentally. We found on Google that how to recover our deleted files. But it is a very difficult task to search a lot. Now you do need to worry.

Full Disclosure: No we did not get paid to write this Recuva review. We’re just happy customers of Recuva. They have a referral program available for all their customers, so if you decide to use Recua by clicking on our referral link in this article, then we will get a small commission.

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Recuva Data Recovery Software © Image Credits AiseeSoft
Recuva Data Recovery Software © Image Credits AiseeSoft

What is Recuva?

Recuva is a free and premium data recovery software from Piriform Company. It is an undeletion program for Windows, developed by CCleaner company. This software can recover data up to 1GB in free edition after this we need to purchase it. The operating system marks the areas of the disk in which they were stored as free space. learn more from Wikipedia.

How to Install Recuva

To install Recuva first download it from its site. When you download it then right clicks on its setup and chooses the Open option from prompt.

Right click then select Open from prompt
Right-click then select Open from prompt

A prompt will appear click Allow. When you will do this then Recuva installation window will appear. Here click on Customize on Install. The install will do all default settings and in Customize you can set your own setting.

Click install or Customize
Click install or Customize

After clicking on Install wait for a while until installation is done.

Wat and check Installation
Wait and check Installation

When the installation is completed then select your desired option. It will appear if you have installed Recuva already.

Select your desired option
Select your desired option

Now it’s time to test it either it works perfectly or not. Let’s test it by deleting a file. Delete your and desired file and empty recycle bin also to permanently remove it from Hard Drive.

Delete and file to check the result
Delete and file to check the result

After deleting a file empty recycle bin also.

Empty Recycle Bin also
empty recycle Bin also

How to recover deleted files from PC with Recuva

After deleting a file permanently search for Recuva and open it.

Right click and select Run as Administrator
Right-click and select Run as Administrator

When Recuva open then a welcome window will appear. Ignore it and simply click on Next button.

When open click next button
When open click next button

In the next session select your File type. This includes All files, Pictures, Music, Documents, Video, Compressed and Emails etc options. In this, we’re going to recover Pictures. Select your desired and click Next button

Select file type and click next button
Select the file type and click next button

After choosing your file type in next screen an option will appear as Create disk image. These options will tell you that, do you want to create your recovery file? If you want to create then choose Yes, Create a disk image first. If your mind changed then select No, Recover direct from my drive. When this step is done click Next button.

Select disk option
Select disk option

In the next screen, you will be promoted that which File location you want to recover. Here you can choose your disk like USB, SdCards and Partition Drive also to recover it.

Select file location which you want to recover
Select file location which you want to recover

When you will choose your file location then click on Next button to recover your files. Your scan progress will start.

Scan in Progress
Scan in Progress

When your recovery scan completed then the following screen will appear. Here you can recover your files. Choose all or one by one. When you select your files then click on Recover Button to start the process.

Select file and click recover button
Select the file and click recover button

Congratulations! You have successfully recovered your deleted file.

File Recovered Successfully
File Recovered Successfully


So in the end, we try our best to cover everything which will help you to recover any file from your computer. If this tutorial helps you then tell us in the Comments box. If you like this tutorial then SUBSCRIBE Our YouTube Channel for the latest updates. You can also Like Our Facebook Page and Follow Us On Twitter too.

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