How to completly Remove/Uninstall a program from Windows

There is much software which uninstalls or remove any software from Windows completely. But the Disadvantages of this software is that we must have to purchase them from further use. In this tutorial, we will tell you that how to How to Completely Uninstall a program from Windows.

Sometimes, we uninstall any program from our computer then some of its files remain as a data. But when we install it again then it started from there where we left it. By uninstalling/removing completely it from computer increases computer speed and also free up its space. In this tutorial, we will help you to remove completely any software files by modifying its registry files. Also removing its temp files. You can also search for this article by typing the following queries on Google and Bing etc.

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Let’s start that how to completely remove any software from Windows or PC.

How to completely Uninstall a program from Windows

Step 1 (Uninstall from Control Panel)

First of all, you need to uninstall your desired program from the computer using control panel. to do this you just press Win + R keys to combine and type control panel.

Open run and type Control Panel
Open run and type Control Panel

When Control panel appears then click on Uninstall a program from there select a program which you want to Uninstall.

Click Uninstall a program
Click Uninstall a program

When you complete this step then next you need to remove its temporary files and data. How this operation is performed let move to next step and check.

Step 2 (Delete Temporary Files and Data)

  • Delete Temporary Files

To delete temporary files and data again press Win + R keys combine and type temp and %temp% in prompt then press enter.

When you will open temp folder then a lot of files will appear. Now you have to delete all of these by pressing Ctrl + A and delete buttons respectively.

Delete all folder by selecting all
Delete all folders by selecting all
  • Delete ProgramData

When you will delete all temporary files. To do this just move to C:\ProgramData then this time is to remove it’s all data files from the drive.

Delete you desired Program data
Delete you desired Program data

When you complete these steps then next is to delete appdata. Again press Win + R keys and type appdata to open its folder.

Type appdata in prompt
Type appdata in prompt

Then again a folder will open and search for your program folder and delete its folder to remove files.

Here find your program folder to delete
Here find your program folder to delete
  • Delete Program Files including (x86)

When we Uninstall any program then some of its files remain as a backup in Program Files, Then these files must have to delete. To delete these files press Win + R keys combine and type %programfiles% and programfiles(x86) step by step to find you folder backup.

When you find you folder then delete it permanently.

Find you folder and delete it from program files
Find your folder and delete it from program files

Congratulation you have completed basic steps successfully. Now, let’s move to next step and configure registry files to delete it permanently.

Step 3 (Configuring Registry Files)

To configure Registry files you also need to 2 steps in this portion. The first one will delete files and the second one will remove cache.

  • Remove Files from HKEY

To remove these files just press Win + R keys combine and type regedit in prompt and press enter.

Type regedit in Run box
Type regedit in Run box

From the next screen move to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE and find your software then remove its files.

Move to Hkey-Current-User-Software

When this process is done then move to HKEY_LOCAL-MACHINE > SOFTWARE find your software name and remove its files.

Move to Hkey-local-machine-software

At the last, you need to check the HKEY_USERS>.DEFAULT > Software find your files and delete

Also, check hkey-users-default-software

  • Modify Registry Files

This is the last process in which you will delete all of the data for your desired program. Again repeat the process and open Registry files using Run command. When you open run command then clicks on File > Export.

Click File then Export
Click File then Export

A command will be appeared then save it with name REGBACKUP and save it in drive C:

Name regbackup and save it in the Drive C
Name regbackup and save it in the Drive C:

When this step is done then click on Edit > Find (Ctrl + F). 

Click Edit then Find
Click Edit then Find

A prompt will appear then type your program name and press enter, As we entered Internet Download Manager (IDM) for our query.


When you will enter then the Registry will show you some files which consist of your program. Simply click these files and delete them one by one if more.

Regedit Delete A File
Regedit Delete A File

Note! When you will delete a file then press f3 regularly until it ends then deletion process (learn more).

Press f3 untill it deletes a file
Press f3 until it deletes a file

That’s all! Congratulation you have successfully remove a complete program from your computer without any software. Now you just need to reboot your PC to apply changes.

Restart Your PC and Check the results
Restart Your PC and Check the results

If you will face any error then read this article.


So in the end, we try our best to cover everything which will help you to remove completely any software from your computer. If this tutorial helps you then tell us in Comments box. If you like this tutorial then SUBSCRIBE Our YouTube Channel for latest updates. You can also Like Our Facebook Page and Follow Us On Twitter too.


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