6 Ways to improve your WordPress Security

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WordPress is very popular website publishing software. Almost 30% of websites is done through WordPress. The main problem of WordPress is its security. Since it is very popular software and attackers always try to access websites which are published on it. In this tutorial, we will tell you 6 Ways to Improve  Your WordPress Security.

Welcome to another tutorial, In this tutorial, we will tell you the 10 vital Ways in which you can secure your website from hackers. e assure you that after reading this article with the full attention you will secure your website up to 80%. In this whole article, we will tell you some basics but valuable tricks to secure your website from hackers. If you are new to WordPress then take an Overview of WordPress. So without wasting your time, Let’s start that how to improve your WordPress website security.

1. Use Strong Passwords

Always Use strong Passwords for your Login
Always Use strong Passwords for your Login

Using weak passwords is the major problem of every new web developer. When they are in hurry mood they mostly use Admin as a username and Password. Hackers try to use these passwords which are similar to your website and they access your account. Now first of all Download and Install Force Strong Passwords plugin. Upon activation, you will be forced to use Strong Passwords. Following are some suggestions to create a strong password.

  • Always use Upper & Lowercase in your Password.
  • Your Password must include some special characters like @, #, $, %, ^, &, * etc.
  • Brackets are more reliable to secure your  Password like <>, {}, [], () etc.

2. Hide Wp-Admin Page URL

Hide Wp-Admin Page URL to Protect Your Website
Hide Wp-Admin Page URL to Protect Your Website

This is the main gate where hackers access your website. This is very important to change your website WP-Admin page URL. To do this you just need to install a plugin called WPS Hide Login in your plugin directory. Upon activation, go to Settings > WPS Hide Login and type your desired login name.

WPS Hide Login setting
WPS Hide Login setting

3. Limit Login Attempts to Improve your WordPress Security

Limit Login Attempts for your WordPress Security © Limit Login Attempts
Limit Login Attempts for your WordPress Security © WP Limit Login Attempts

To protect your WordPress site from hackers is to limit Login access. Hackers always tried to access your website through different passwords. If you will add this Plugin then 80% chances of hacking will be the loss. to do this download and install WP Limit Login Attempts Plugin. Upon activation Go to Settings > WP Limit Login and set your Login Attempts count. We recommend 5 because you can also forget your password.

4. Set Two Factor Authentication

Set 2 Factor Authentication for your WordPress Security
Set 2 Factor Authentication for your WordPress Security

Two Factor Authentication is an additional way to secure your website. Like Google and Facebook WordPress give us the facility to use Two Factor Authentication. To do this you just need to download and install a plugin called Wonderfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan to use two-factor authentication. Upon activation move to Wonderfence > Two Factor Authentication and set your privacy in given box.

Wonderfence Two Factor Authentication page © Wonderfence Plugin Screenshot Page
Wonderfence Two Factor Authentication © Wonderfence Plugin

5. Update WordPress & Plugins on time

Update your WordPress and Plugins Regularly
Update your WordPress and Plugins Regularly

WordPress is an open source software which always tries to keep it updated. That’s why it releases its update every week or month. Remember that when the update comes it means a lot of bugs and security issues are fixed. Like WordPress Plugins are also very important to update them. Top level plugins always update regularly. So if there is an update available then update it immediately.

6. Install Security Plugins

Install security Plugins to secure your website.
Install security Plugins to secure your website.

Installing security plugins help your website to protect from malware. Security plugins keep the hackers away. It also protects you from spammers and malware attacks. Here is the list of top 10 Security plugins with the rating and active installations.

NameRatingActive Installations
Wonderfence Security4.8 out of 52+ Million
Sucuri Security4.5 out of 5400,00+
All-In-One WP Security & Firewall4.8 out of 5600,00+
BulletProof Security4.7 out of 580,000+
iThemes Security4.7 out of 5900,00+
WP Antivirus Site Protection2.4 out of 56,000+
Google Authenticator – Two-Factor Authentication4.6 out of 510,000+
Vaultpress 4.3 out of 5 90,000+
Block Bad Queries 5 out of 5 90,000+
VIP Scanner 5 out of 5 600+


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